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Noah's Story

A victim of bullying

My son Noah is 12 years old. In February, he will be 13 - a teenager at last. This past weekend he posted on his Instagram account that he was planning to commit suicide on his birthday. He also posted images of his arm where he has been cutting himself for the past two months.

Noah has been dealing with bullying for the past year. He has been feeling alone and left out, ostracized from old friends and a misfit among new kids. As soon as things would begin to get better, there would be another setback. He was once the life of the party, the big man on campus. Now his self esteem has all but disappeared.

Noah has been in therapy. I have been doing my very best. But he is in pain and I can't do this alone.

Noah is getting treatment, but he needs people to rally. Which is why I've created this website and Facebook page, Letters for Noah. I thought of it last night in the ER when I couldn't sleep. Noah needs to know that he MATTERS and that it DOES get better. So many people have been asking me how they can help. Well, this is how:

Today I opened a P.O. Box. I am asking you and your kids to send Noah letters with a message of hope, telling him not to give up. Help him see that he matters.

*** I would like to get as many letters as possible. ***

Please feel free to share this.

Thank you all so much for your love and support,

Noah's Mother